Monday, February 05, 2007

Car Taglines!

Time flies! Its been almost half a year since I updated this blog. Hehehe...been procrastinating.

Anyway, I have been going thru some car magazines (Its nice to dream bout dream cars ok!) and have you ever notice the car manufacturer's slogans/taglines. It can be quite corny sometimes.

Imagine if the slogans are for VIAGRA...

"A Better Idea" — Ford
"Bold Moves" - Ford, 2006
"Born from jets" — Saab, 2005-
"Born to perform" — Jaguar, (c. 2003-)
"Break Through." — Cadillac, (c. 2002-)
"Built Ford Tough." - Ford Trucks
"Built for the Human Race"-Nissan, 1980s
"Can't get enough of this." — Ford (Australia), 2003
"The Drive of your life." — Peugeot
"Drive your way" — Hyundai, 2005-
"Drivers wanted." — Volkswagen, 1995,
"Feel the difference" - Ford
"For Life" — Volvo, 2000s
"It just feels right" - Mazda
"Just imagine what Citroën can do for you" — Citroën
"Like a rock" — Chevrolet Trucks
"Like nothing else on Earth" — Hummer
"The lion leaps from strength to strength" — Peugeot, 1980s
"Major motion, from Nissan"
"Move Your Mind" — Saab, 2000s
"Moving Forward." — Toyota (USA), 2004
"Oh what a feeling, Toyota" — late 1970s - 1980s
"Power, Beauty and Soul" - Aston Martin
"The Power of Dreams" — Honda
"Put the fun back into driving." — Vauxhall Motors
"Reach Higher"- Lincoln
"The Real Thing" — Ford Australia, 1970s
"Sheer driving pleasure" — BMW
"Shift_xxx" — Nissan, 2000s; where "xxx" varies
"The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection" Lexus from 2000 - on
"The ultimate driving machine" — BMW
"Think. Feel. Drive" — Subaru, 2004-
"Unlike Any Other" — Mercedes-Benz
"Zoom Zoom" — Mazda, 2000s
(source Wikipedia)

Heheheh... get it? :P


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Honoured to be the first.. update more entries yeah? i am pretty sure you know who is this.. ;)


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